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Stablemates / My Prior (MC) Love Interest was....
« on: August 14, 2017, 08:45:07 PM »
My Prior (MC) Love Interest was this Honda VF1000R ....

From the side....

She was good to me, I doubled my money, but talk about high maintenance...
6 hour valve job every 600 miles (factory recommended)

Much happier with my more sedate, less maintenance and dependable...

Dragon Mate:


Your Honda Nighthawk / My '96 CB750 "Dragon Bike"
« on: August 13, 2017, 03:20:36 PM »
So, I've had my '96 NightHawk for 11 years now, and I thought I'd share some photos I took just after she had a bath...

Thanks (Once Again!) to Mollusc for helping me out with how to post Flickr pics.. 
I updated the post with actual pics....

My '96 front view...

Notable mods: 
Avon Storm 3-D front tire
Fork Boots (I have 2 miles of gravel before I get to pavement - Ding proofs the fork tubes / seals)
Rifle Fairing with sport windscreen
Progressive fork springs

Right Side:

Notable Mods:
Crusaider Radar (antenna attached under front of fairing)
Fiamm Horn(s)
Case Savers / Pegs
Joe Rocket Manta XL Tank Bag
Corbin Gunfighter Seat
Saddlemen Gel Fleece Pad

Left Side:

Notable Mods:
Front Fender Extension
Fiamm Horn(s)
Hel Stainess Steel Brake Line
Case Savers / Pegs
17 Tooth Front Sprocket
Clear Rear turn signal covers

Case Saver / Peg Closeup:

Right Rear Closeup:

Notable Mods:
Progressive Rear shocks
Avon Storm Tire(s)
Gold X-Ring Chain

Since I have a long ride on dirt, it isn't often the bike is this clean!


The case originally happened a few years ago but the %!$%#@ driver recently took a plea so she wouldn't get 20 years.
She chased after and MURDERED a biker intentionally.

Similar to a recent case where a driver tried to kill a biker for kicking his door after the car driver illegally swerved into his lane...
In both cases, the drivers were behind the wheel of a Nissan.
Apparently, drivers of these cars (in some cases) have issues.

In both cases, had the biker let it go, it probably would be another econo-box occupant that was killed or injured at some later date by one of these psycho's.

Sometimes, it doesn't matter what you do, or what you did.

Keep your eyes open folks, examples of brain dead self entitled idiots out there are happy to run you down, or off the road actually exist.

Every time I'm on a bike, I assume that I am invisible to EVERYONE.. Except the people that are trying to kill me.
If they don't try - great.  If they do, I'm ready.

Sounds crazy ? - Yep Crazy drivers willing to kill you for being in their way.  That is crazy.

While I would never start an incident, I also won't be a victim.
Lucky for me, I'm in an open carry state.

General Motorcycle Discussion / The Four Stroke Engine...
« on: July 29, 2017, 10:23:02 AM »
Okay, so each of a four stroke engine's cycles is described by the significant action occurring in each, to wit:

Intake - fuel/air mixture is drawn into the cylinder as the piston goes down
Compression - the mixture is compressed as the piston goes up
Ignition - the spark plug sparks, exploding the compressed mixture and driving the piston down
Exhaust - the leftovers from the combustion process are expelled through the exhaust as the piston goes up...
...and the process repeats...

I'm thinking that more descriptive terms could be applied to each cycle...




General Motorcycle Discussion / Did you name your bike?
« on: July 18, 2017, 02:19:38 PM »
Well, it seems to me that every bike I've ever ridden or owned had a personality.

I thought it might be interesting if anyone else out there named their bike(s).

My current scoot is a 1996 Honda NightHawk is in the stock "Shining Pearl Yellow', so of course, her name is Amber.
She's just reached drinking age (21), she's in great shape and has never let me down (or stranded) in the now 11 years I've owned her.

If only everything else in my life was as reliable (and fun to ride!)


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