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Your Honda Nighthawk / My new 91 NH 750
« on: July 24, 2017, 05:19:42 AM »
I got this 91 a little over a week and 150 miles ago. It has 49xxx miles, but I chose it over some others with half the miles because it is well-maintained and in great condition. The previous owner had just had a lot of work done (forks rebuilt, wheel bearings, brakes, tires, xring chain, sprockets, etc) before accepting a job in Hawaii. It did sit for two years, started every now and then by his dad. I ran a healthy dose of Seafoam through it just "because", but the carbs seem fine.

The one thing that suffered from storage was the gummed-up clutch, which took us several hours to work loose enough to go into gear without dying. It was a long drive, so I wasn't giving up easily. It still drags a little, but maybe no more than normal for a wet clutch.

This is my first bike. I've already taken the MSF class, but still would have bought something smaller except I'm a big guy and live on a busy and hilly country highway. I had some reservations, but the NH has turned out to be easier to ride (for me) than the little bikes in the class.

Oops, I'm not sure I had the right side cover snapped all the way in for the picture. Oh well.

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