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General Motorcycle Discussion / Bug Invasion
« on: April 29, 2017, 08:02:50 AM »
What is wrong with these bugs.  Had a great ride to the TX coast this week.  A sure sign of a good ride is a filthy bike at rides end.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Another great year of riding
« on: January 01, 2017, 08:51:43 PM »
Happy New Year NHF members.  Hope everyone had a great 2016 and will have an even better 2017.  I think all of us that are fortunate enough to own and ride a motorcycle are tremendously blessed.  Posting my mileage at the end of '16 for posterity.
Got in close to 7K miles this year.  No big trips, just stress reliever rides after work and weekend getaways.  Just installed a new rear tire(which I am reviewing in tire thread) and new chain and sprockets.  Had a good 100 mile ride yesterday that reminded me of how much I enjoy my NH.  Hope to go well over 100K on my 750 and then use it as a parts bike for a replacement 750.  Happy riding. 

Your Ride Reports / Lucky 7's
« on: March 19, 2016, 09:37:20 AM »
Just rolled over 77,777.7 miles on my 95 750 the other day.  What a great bike this has been  Thought I would do a short report and salute my NH for all the trouble free miles it has given me.  Other than routine maintenance, had to replace the valve cover gasket , which I did myself for cheap $$.  Here's the lucky shot.

It is appropriate for my report to cover my local roads as 90% of my riding occurs on the little traveled 2 lane back roads.  Nothing more relaxing for me than a few hours rolling through the country.
Lots of curves like this for the 750 to whip through giving me a thrill.

Spring has sprung in NE Texas.  Green pastures abound.

Spring here means an abundance of rain.  Too much of a good thing = major flooding.  This is the Sulphur River bottoms, which is covered in massive amounts of water.  Major flooding along the Sulphur and Red River, which the Sulphur runs into in Arkansas.

At the conclusion of the ride, had my wife snap a pic of a man happy with his motorcycle.  Like most of us, I consider buying a more modern bike, but I am quite pleased with the NH. 


I plan to ride this NH until it can go no more.  Hopefully that will be far in the future.  Happy riding!

Stablemates / CRF 250 L joins my stable
« on: January 28, 2016, 08:33:20 PM »
I have wanted a 250 dual sport for quite a while.  Waited patiently for the right deal to come along.  I thought I would find a great price on a used bike, but finding the right one proved to be more difficult than I thought.  Recently, I went into the local Honda dealer on a cold wet day just to look at bikes and talk riding with some of the guys that have worked there for ages.  One of the sales guys asks if he can help me.  I said show me a deal I can't refuse.  He points to the 250l in the corner and says its a '15 model with a whopping 73 miles on the clock. What?  The owner came into some $$ and went crazy buying toys.  3 motorcycles and 1 atv from their shop plus a Harley from the HD shop.  The CRF was little used so he brought it back and said sell it.  I was the recipient of his excess.  Got a new bike for the price of a used one.  Love the fuel injection and great suspension.  I have returned to my roots as I started riding a small bike on dirt roads and trails.  Having a blast on the 250.

General Motorcycle Discussion / CB 1100 Custom Concept
« on: January 22, 2016, 06:34:52 PM »
Great looking cafe in black.  We had a discussion of cafe NH 750s yesterday, so I thought I would add this cafe cb 1100 to ogle.  I would love to have this beauty.

Your Ride Reports / 2015 Compilation
« on: January 02, 2016, 08:27:40 AM »
Here a few pics that I took during 2015.  No big trips, just some great riding.  Still enjoy riding the NH as much as ever.  Rode about 8,000 miles in '15.  From my favorite road, Talimena Scenic Drive, located about 100 miles north.  I ride there a few times a year.

Got to have some pie while enjoying the view from the Queen Wilhamena Lodge.

These are from Lake Greeson.  Also a short ride away in Arkansas.  Great riding on curvy roads near the dam.

Your Ride Reports / Red River Rises Rapidly
« on: May 28, 2015, 09:32:31 PM »
We have had one of the wettest Spring seasons in many moons here and all along the Red River valley, which stretches from the Texas panhandle to south Louisiana where it eventually empties into the Big Muddy.  The biggest lake on the Red is Lake Texoma, hundreds of miles west of here.  For only the 4th time in the history of the dam, water is flowing over the spillway.  This 1st pic was taken Saturday.  River was high then, but didn't top the spillway on Texoma until Sunday morning.

This was taken yesterday evening.  We were parked about 20 yards past the waters edge just a few days ago.

Hard to see how much higher the river is on the bridge columns as I was much farther from them.  Water was probably about 6' from the level of the road.

This photo will give you an idea of the scope.  Hundreds of thousands of acres of fertile farmland is going to take a major hit for hundreds of miles as the river has yet to crest.  More heavy rain fell in the river valley today with a chance for much more in the next several days.  This road is about 15 miles west of the road I took my pics from and both bridges were closed today.  Could be several days before the water recedes and they can reopen these vital roads.  Wish we could send our excess water to drought stricken areas.

Your Ride Reports / A Quick Report
« on: April 11, 2015, 08:26:27 PM »
Spring has finally sprung here in NE TX and SW Arkansas.  Took a nice 150 mile loop from home into Arkansas today.  Forgot to get the food porn pics but we ate some good bbq in Texarkana right on the AR/TX line.  I did get a few pics of the scenes we rode though.
This is near the tiny town of Saratoga, AR.  It is perched on hilly terrain just above  Millwood Lake.

Just a few curvy miles to the west lies a great fishing hole-Millwood Lake.

Did I say a few curvy miles?

We rode about 50 miles home after the lake shot to wrap up a great Saturday.  Nothing like a warm sunny day riding fantastic roads to forgot about job stress and bs in general.  Hope everyone has good riding days soon.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Custom Nighthawk
« on: December 11, 2014, 08:18:17 AM »
Pretty good looking custom NH.  Wonder how it runs with the pod filters?

Your Ride Reports / Comp Day
« on: September 21, 2014, 07:03:19 AM »
I had a comp day to use so I chucked all work and worldly cares this weekend.  Left home Friday morning in cool and cloudy conditions heading to my favorite riding area in the Ouachita Mountains which straddle the Arkansas/Oklahoma border.  The sun started breaking through an hour or so into the ride.  I was well into Arkansas by then and as I approached the Talimena Scenic Drive could see that the mountain was a bit foggy still.  Ate lunch hoping the fog would clear and after lunch it was gone.  No food porn pics as I mostly ate Subway all weekend.  I needed to leave work stress and worldly cares in the dust.  As I headed up the mountain the big smile on my face as I encountered twisty road and beautiful scenery assured me this was just what I needed.  Signs that we love.

I like the camaraderie I have with my riding buddies but I sure enjoyed this solo ride.  There was very little traffic on the road so when I went through a nice twisty section I just turned around and went through again.  Spent about 2 hours here just ripping through curves and pulling over to enjoy the views.

I didn't take many pics on this trip.  Rode to Hot Springs, AR after playing on the mountain.  About 75 miles of relaxed and sometimes twisty back roads.  Met some friends for supper and after a good night sleep(dreaming of riding endless twisty roads) got up Saturday to compete in the Arkansas Senior Olympics.  Won my age group in the 100 and 200m sprints.  Rode home about 130 miles just feeling on top of the world.  For a little over 30 hours I had not 1 care in the world.  No thoughts of war, turmoil in the middle east, politics or NFL players off field problems entered my mind.  How great would it be to ride like this everyday?  A ride like this just makes me want to ride more.  I'm going for a ride right now for a little Sunday morning solitude.       

Your Ride Reports / Sunrise/Sunset Picture Thread
« on: August 03, 2014, 08:35:57 PM »
We had a great thread going on the old NHF for sunrise/sunset pics.  Anyone can post here.  Some of you on the forum may not want to post a ride report but a single pic of a sunset is easy.  I took a late evening ride just an hour or so ago and saw the sun setting over the trees as I was riding down a country road.  I took just a few minutes to pull over and snap a few with my cheap flip phone.  If that's all you got then it will do, so how 'bout some more pics NHF members.

Your Ride Reports / Perfect end to an evening ride
« on: July 27, 2014, 09:17:02 PM »
I had no intention of doing a report on this evening ride, but when we stopped to top our tanks after a 60 mile romp through the countryside, the sunset begged us to take a pic or 2.  A strange cloud formation almost looked like a funnel cloud at first glance.  My riding
buddy is a pro photographer and wished he had one of his cameras with him, but being the perfectionist he is would not like the oil tanks and power lines in the background.  I'm just a point and shoot guy so it didn't bother me as they did not overshadow the beauty of this sunset.  It was a great way to end the weekend as I had 2 good days of riding.

Your Ride Reports / Beat the Heat
« on: June 21, 2014, 05:53:47 PM »
 !st day of summer in Texas means the thermostat has been bumped up to  :hot: .  I've been riding with Jimmy and Ray for about 8 years.  We are getting a bit older and less tolerant of the heat so we hit the road early and did a 200 mile loop before retreating to  ac for a good lunch and bs session.  I took a few pics at this water break about halfway into the ride.

Twisty road in the background.  Lots of  2 lane back roads on this ride.

We had a very wet spring resulting in a green landscape.


Your Honda Nighthawk / 95 NH 750
« on: May 26, 2014, 08:22:18 PM »
I was Lucky Lindy b4 the great crash.  Thought I would start fresh on this reboot of the NHF.  Here's my 95.  65K miles and with a man. date of '94 this black beauty is now 20 years young.

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