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Reserve capacity      0.79 US gal (3 liters)

I'm rather certain reserve is over 1 gallon.
Your Honda Nighthawk / Re: Nighthawk S restomod
« Last post by Hog Dog on Today at 06:38:09 PM »
You did a great job on the 700.  2 thumbs up.
Your Honda Nighthawk / Nighthawk S restomod
« Last post by nsrrider on Today at 04:34:17 PM »
Full size pics


This is my 1984 Honda CB700SC restomod project. When I started shopping for another vintage project, I originally had in mind a 1983 CB1100F, a bike I owned back in '83. Being produced only one year has made them fairly scarce...and consequently more money than was in my budget.
Then I happened upon this forlorn little Nighthawk S. It was the blue one, with 34K showing on the odometer, and it was in pretty rough shape. It looked like it had been stored outdoors at some time in its sad life and after initially looking at it, I decided to walk away.
Then, the seller hit the starter button. The pathetic little thing hummed like a well-oiled sewing machine-- and it seemed to cry out: "SAVE ME!"
Mind you, I don't get emotionally attached to motorcycles. I don't name them. A few of the last 75 motorcycles that I regret selling, I regret only because they would have been great investments. But, this sorry little bike seemed to beg me to take her home.
I got it home and immediately began doubting my decision. The paint was shot, every piece of plastic bodywork was cracked or missing mounting posts. Tires bald. Rust and road-rash everywhere. Front brakes were basically seized. Brake and clutch hydraulics felt bad. Shift linkage was shot. Various oil leaks. Every turn signal broken......the list goes on...and on.
My idea on bikes, even restorations, is to make them better than they ever were, while not destroying the original look. I'm just not interested in original-perfect restorations.
So, this is what I ended up with. In the pursuit of improved performance, installed a Mac 4 into 1 exhaust with a suitable jet kit. (Kinda' loud but, 21 LBS lighter) I modded the airbox to (hopefully) allow better breathing and installed a new filter. I fitted RFY shocks (actually not that bad of a low-budget shock) and determined that Progressive springs had already been installed in the front forks.
New tires, new brakes, new Barnett clutch, new hydraulics etc. I repainted the bodywork in OEM graphics, altering the black with red-pearl in the clear coats. Media blasted and powdercoated various engine cases. I elliminated the passenger pegs and welded up a cleaner exhaust hanger. Fitted a larger, 240CC battery. Installed an LED taillight/turnsignal unit into a cleaned up tail section. Lowered the passenger grab rail and reshaped the seat to better flow with the tail section (I always thought the Honda stylists missed the mark on that one way back then)
I installed a very bright LED unit in the stock headlight and mounted aluminum mirrors w/LED integrated turnsignals to take care of the front signals. Rebuilt the shift linkage, which BTW, made a huge improvement in shifting.
I always regarded the "S" as being a versatile, good looking and ahead of its time motorcycle. It entered the market with electronic ignition, hydraulic valves, shaft drive and a 6 speed tranny. It's performance, even by todays standards for a 700CC motorcycle is quite impressive.   
Anyway, I'm sure it's not everyone's idea of what it should be but, it's mine and I did all the work myself (except the seat cover)
Disclaimer: Forgive the phony stickers on the humor.       
When my battery went south I switched to an AGM.
Zero maintenance, no vent tube, and it's still performs like new after almost 12 years.
I leave it on a battery tender junior when parked.
According to the factory spec sheet:

Fuel tank capacity    4.76 US gal (18 liters)
Reserve capacity      0.79 US gal (3 liters)

Reserve is included in total capacity, so you've got nearly 4 gallons until reserve.. okay, it's only 3.97..
If you like the look of the new tank, that's a good reason to change it, but for fuel capacity... Not so much.

Your Honda Nighthawk / Re: GCRAD1 1995 750 NIGHTHAWK - The Adventure Is On!
« Last post by Larry Fine on January 18, 2018, 07:53:05 AM »
I believe the tank is 3.3 + 1.3 gallons.
Your Honda Nighthawk / Re: GCRAD1 1995 750 NIGHTHAWK - The Adventure Is On!
« Last post by Wahrsuul on January 18, 2018, 04:43:26 AM »
The "auto on" petcock is vacuum operated meaning you don't need to turn it off and on like the "really" old days.  If the diaphragm goes bad, it'll either leak (a maybe cause hydro lock in the cylinders, or contaminate the oil with gas).

As for the gas tank, maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the stock tank is way more than 3 gallons, more on the order of around 4.8 I believe.  I know for a fact that I've put over 4 gallons in when I was running on reserve.

Still, I do prefer the way the euro spec tank looks.  Should try to get the euro wheels too, then you'd have triple discs.
Your Honda Nighthawk / Re: GCRAD1 1995 750 NIGHTHAWK - The Adventure Is On!
« Last post by Larry Fine on January 17, 2018, 11:31:56 PM »
I'm curious what you mean by this? Have you just been leaving the fuel on ON?

I always leave mine on.  That's the purpose of the vacuum operation.
Your Honda Nighthawk / Re: GCRAD1 1995 750 NIGHTHAWK - The Adventure Is On!
« Last post by Hog Dog on January 17, 2018, 07:47:11 PM »
I wonder what happened to gcrad1?  He had a good looking bike going on.
Your Honda Nighthawk / Re: GCRAD1 1995 750 NIGHTHAWK - The Adventure Is On!
« Last post by Sid on January 17, 2018, 07:08:09 PM »
Agree the RC42 tank looks great. What are the concerns with the side covers you mentioned and were you able to complete the conversion?
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