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Stablemates / I've got a thing for twins...
« on: September 27, 2017, 10:59:00 AM »
Besides the little 'Hawk - I've also got a new CMX500 Rebel. If you haven't sat on one yet - check them out. The 300 & 500 are different only in the engine - the 300 being around 45 pounds lighter. These are a completely different animal than the "tiny chopper" aesthetic of the CMX250. My wife & I are both new riders, and with her being 5' 2", keeping seats low is a big factor in our bike shopping. We both were impressed with the new Rebels. The only thing (IMHO) that could be improved on is the suspension is super soft. The preload on the rear can be ramped up, maybe I'll take it from the "2" setting & try 3 or 4.

Your Honda Nighthawk / New bike - first post!
« on: September 26, 2017, 01:55:01 PM »
Howdy Folks,
Newbie here, both to the forum & motorcycling in general... The wife & I took the MSF class a couple of months ago, then went & bought a new motorcycle (2017 Honda CMX500), that we've both been practicing on - just tooling around the neighborhood. For the last month or so, I hunted high & low for an older bike to ride around the backroads on - I looked at ads for everything from Honda Rebel 250's, Yamaha XJ400's & 650/750's, Suzuki Savages & S40's to vintage CB's. Well - I'm happy to say that after looking high & low, as of 2 days ago I'm the proud owner of another Honda twin - a 1997 Nighthawk 250. It's got 2185 miles on the odometer, although the fellow I purchased it from wasn't the original owner, so he couldn't verify if that is in fact accurate. I've got to say - these Wee-hawks are just fun little bikes.

Edit - still trying to figure out the photo features...  ridn2

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