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This Motorcycle Discussion Forum is here for members to discuss just that - general motorcycle topics of discussion.

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Thank you!  hapdude2

Your Ride Reports / 2 Day Walkabout on the RT
« on: May 27, 2014, 12:15:36 AM »
(May 2010)

I had a few days free so I decided to do what Crocodile Dundee would do if he had a R1150RT -

Go walkabout through Colorado & New Mexico -

i had never been through Northern New Mexico, so the plan was to leave the Denver area and slab it south to Raton, New Mexico, then turn west.

Here's my trip map -

I headed out and immediately rode into very strong winds. I stopped in Walsenburg, Colorado to take a break- the locals reported the winds gusting to 50 mph and I'd guess it was every bit that.

After a break, I continued south and turned west once I reached Raton.

The road I took was part of the Sante Fe Trail -

A long & lonely road shot -

Riding west I passed through the town of Cimarron and entered the Cimarron Canyon. I stopped at this incredible pull off -

A tourist took my pic -

I stopped before descending into Eagles Nest, NM- this is overlooking the town -

The wind was still ripping, creating white caps on Eagles Nest Lake.

I decided to stop for lunch -

Hamburger steak, mashed potatoes & green beans was the special -

From there I suited back up and rode to Taos. I stopped south of Taos when I saw the Rio Grande Gorge in my mirrors -

The Gorge -

From Taos I rode south enjoying the light breezes. The temperature was perfect- approximately 70 degrees.

I rode south to Sante Fe and got a room at a Days Inn- cheap and easy. After a good dinner I turned in early anticipating an early start.

In the morning I packed up my gear and headed north. It was another beautiful day with clear skies, cool temps and NO WIND!   hapdude2

I stopped on 84 to check out the scenery -

A bit farther north I had to stop again- the beauty of New Mexico was shining today.

These formations might one day become arches (like those in Moab, Utah) -

On the other side of the road, looking east -

And looking north, my road ahead -

Just a bit farther north I stopped at the Echo Amphitheater -

Soon I was seeing the southern Colorado Rocky mountains -

i think this one of the most beautiful days I have had the privilege of riding in -

After a quick lunch in Pagosa Springs, I rode northeast towards Wolf Creek Pass and South Fork, Colorado.

On the way up the pass -

I just love to see signs like this -

At South Fork I turned north towards Gunnison via the Silver Thread route. It continued to be a glorious day for riding with perfect temps, clear skies, light traffic and the wildlife stayed off the road -

I stopped at the lookout near the top of Slumgullion Pass.

Looking to the west at the San Juan Mountain Range -

to my right -

And in the distance -

I fueled up in Gunnison, Colorado and continued east.

There was still a lot of snow on the mountain tops- here I stopped at the Monarch Pass summit -

I descended down to Salida, Colorado and paid a quick visit to Hayduke and Bonnie Azbug- great to see you two!

From Salida i rode north towards Buena Vista, CO and stopped for a sunset photo -

My ride home was cool but uneventful.

It was a great 2 days!

Your Ride Reports / My Two Day Colorado Tour
« on: May 27, 2014, 12:07:18 AM »
(November 2008)

November 1st, 2008.

It's warm in Colorado. I have a new bike with new tires, and I wanna ride it. And I set a goal of seeing the San Juan Range of the Rockies this spring.

So I decided to head south with minimal supplies.

There will be lots of pics of scenery with my new bike, as this is my first planned trip with it.

The plan - a 2 day trip, with lunch in Salida, then a hotel somewhere between Pagosa Springs and Durango, Colorado.

On day 2 I'll ride the "Million Dollar Highway" from Durango to Ouray, and then back to Denver.

So here's the route map- it's a thumbnail, so click it to see it full size-

I wake early and roll the 1983 CB1000 Custom outside and let it warm up some. It's about 40 degrees -

On the back is my Nelson Rigg CL-800 Tote/Tailbag loaded with a change of clothes, some tools, my laptop and other gear. If you want to see the review I did on that bag, you can see it here -

So I head south on 285 and head for breakfast in Fairplay. I can always count on a good bacon & eggs meal at The Brown Burro, and I wasn't dissappointed!

After I eat I decide to ride southeast on 9 ( to Hartsel and then to Canon City) for a couple of reasons - I've never ridden that route before, and I want to drop by The Royal Gorge.

I stop and take this pic of the morning view, between Hartsel & Canon City, looking at the back of Pikes Peak -

It's a quiet & deserted stretch, calm & cool.

I end up at The Royal Gorge, and find that it's basically a tourist park. I have no time to play tourist, but I do take a pic of an old steam locomotive there on display -

A couple of pics of the engine when it was working-

In Gunnison -

In Salida -

I call Hayduke to see if he & Tammy are avail for lunch, but the signal is breaking up. At least Duke understands that I'm on my way for lunch. I arrive, show Duke my bike, give Tammy a hug and we head off for lunch.

It was VERY good! (can't remember tha name of the restraunt) -

We look over the map I have & Duke & Tammy give me their views on the route I have planned, with some great insights on what to see.

After lunch I mount up & ride south again.

I wasn't planning on stopping at The Great Sand Dunes National Park, but since I was in the area I decided to check it out.

Here are some pics of the bike & the dunes -

From the dunes I ride back to the west, stopping in Alamosa for fuel and a Gatorade break. From Alamosa I ride through Monte Vista, Del Norte, and South Fork.

The farther west I go, the more beautiful it gets. I stop at this tunnel outside Pagosa Springs for a pic -

It was getting dark & cold, so I pulled into Pagosa Springs to find a hotel. I end up staying at the "First Inn". It has wired & wireless internet, the rate is not too bad (considering that this was the opening day of Elk hunting season and lots of hunters were out looking for rooms too), and the room was nice.

367 miles for the day.

Next door is a Chinese restraunt, so I order up some spicy General's chicken while I unpack & setup the laptop. It was a very good meal, and afterwards I work online some and then hit the sack for the night.


I wake early, not realizing that the clocks were rolled back for daylight savings time. The first thing I do is check on the weather for the day. The current weather for Durango -

I also checked the weather for Silverton, Ouray and the rest of Colorado, and there was a chance for snow (that blue blob on the radr image above). Oh well, I was on vacation and that would make things interesting.

I load the bike and let her warm up -

The hotel sign -

Between Pagosa Springs & Bayfield I see a cool looking formation ahead -

It's called Chimney Rock, more info here -

I continue on and stop in Durango for fuel and breakfast.

From there I ride north on highway 550 (The Million Dollar Highway), and am immediately inundated with astounding views. This route is a must do if you can.

Not far along the highway I stop for some pics-

The highway has very few straight sections and is a joy to ride! I find myself wanting to constantly stop for photos, as there are so many unbelievable views -

This is one of my favorite pics from the trip -

Too many photo opportunities!

Farther along I stop for more -

What a view to the south -

And to the north -

Of course I have to take some with the CB1000 in them -

Another pull-off-

Looks cold up there!

Before climbing up the pass that drops you into Ouray, I see this when I round the bend - another of my favorites from the day-

Coming into Ouray I stop at the Scenic Overlook -

Looking down onto Ouray -

The road leading down to Ouray -

Two more pics from the overlook -

I stop in Ouray and take a break, gassing up & stretching a bit.

I then ride north to Delta, Colorado, and then turn east on Hiway 92, then northeast on 133. This will take me over McClure Pass (8,756 feet) and into Carbondale.

In Somerset, CO there two huge coal mines- here's a pic I took of one of them -

I stopped for pics one more time, as the stretch of 133 from Somerset to Carbondale was a twistie joyride, and I was having too much fun -

At one point I rode with 2 unknown riders, a rider on a GS (with panniers) and a couple on another unknown bike.

I gassed up In Carbondale and then rode to Glenwood Springs to jump on I-70 for the slab ride home. I wanted to make it past the Eisenhower Tunnel before dark, but didn't quite make it. And it actually was snowing lightly over Vail Pass and the tunnel area.

I stopped in Idaho Springs for more fuel and a warmup, as it was probably 25 degrees on the tops of those passes.

But it was a nice 55 when I arrived in Denver.

515 miles for the day, 882 for the trip.

So that's it, my 2 day jaunt around the state of Colorado.

I love where I live!  scheet2

Your Ride Reports / Just another Thursday Ride in The Rockies
« on: May 27, 2014, 12:02:11 AM »
(Feb 2009)

So jmking43 posted up in the Rockies (ADV) looking for riders to take advantage of the forecast 70 degree February weather, and that sounded like a great idea to me.

Four of us agreed to meet for breakfast in Colorado Springs at 830 am. I parked my bike next to jmking43's Gold Wing and went in for breakfast.

The riders -

jmking43 on his Gold Wing, ASSFAULT on his CB1000RR, atokadok on his Triumph Tiger and me on my CB1000 Custom.

Here is atokadok, ASSFAULT and jmking43 post breakfast-

Gearing up - (jmking43's pic)

Riding south - (jmking43's pic)

The plan was to head south to Bishops Castle, a "castle" built in the mountains by an eccentric man. More information available here -

We parked across the street by the mailbox -

A view from my bike -

A few pics from accross the street -

I hadn't planned on climbing this tower, but that later changed -

Before we went up to the castle a retired couple who were sightseeing asked if we would like our photo taken-

So we headed up to the castle. A view in the front, ASSFAULT checkin' it out -

atokadok, jmking43 and ASSFAULT in front of the castle -

The fire breathing (really) dragon chimney -

Curiosity got the best of me & I decided to explore a bit. The steps up were pretty steep -

On the way up - (atokadok's pic)

I went into the huge main room - wow -

Looking towards the back -

The front windows -

Then I started climbing the main tower.

The dragon -

atokadok & jmking43 from the height of the dragon -

Then I went to the top of the tower.

The bikes -

ASSFAULT, jmking43 and atokadok way down there -

The steps from the top -

So we geared back up & headed back to the north. At 96 atokadok headed back to the east while the three of us headed west for Westcliff & then to the north.

We rode to Texas Creek and had lunch at the diner there - it was very good!

After lunch we headed back to east on highway 50. I turned off on 9 and pointed northeast for Hartsel & South Park.

About 3 miles from Hartsel I spotted a large group of antelope right next to the road, so I stopped for a few pics -

I gassed up in Hartsel and then on to Fairplay to join 285 north to Denver.

It was pretty cold, but I did stop at Kenosha Pass to take a pic of Southpark -

I got home at dusk with 316 miles on the clock for the day.

Your Ride Reports / Get out of Denver!
« on: May 26, 2014, 11:56:27 PM »
Get Out of Denver!


It was one of those glorious mornings that pushed me to head out and go west.

The weather was absolutely beautiful - clear, calm & cool. The sky above my head -

First things first- the proper attire -

So I went out to the garage and checked the CB1000C out....

I got all my gear on & headed west. Leaving the burbs of Denver -

As I was heading into the mountains on I-70 I decided to take a few pics -

What's that to my left?

The house from Woody Allen's "Sleeper" -

A little farther west -

A closer view- the brown trees are all dead, killed by beetles. it's really quite horrific looking -

I stopped in Vail to decide where I should ride to. The weather was still clear and warming up nicely. I didn't want to go south to Leadville or north to Wolcott, as I was just there. So I decided to continue on to the west, going to Glenwood Springs and then on to Aspen.

Aspen you say? 

"Some place warm, a place where the beer flows like wine, where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talking about a little place called Aspen."

The temp had climbed some so the climb up Independence Pass (west of Aspen) would be welcome. I gassed up in Aspen and headed up the pass. There was very little traffic.

On the way up -

The ride up was great- cooler temps, no sand on the pavement and little traffic- ideal conditions for my desired speeds.

At the top of the pass I took some folks photos and then they took mine. The shot with the sign -

A few bike pics -

Heading down the pass was just as much fun with ideal riding conditions. I flogged the CB1000C pretty hard for a bit and then stopped at this switchback/overlook -

The road and valley below where I'm headed -

I stopped in the valley, such a pretty day -

Some flowers off the road...

I continued on to the east, stopping at Twin Lakes (between Independence Pass and Leadville). This is looking back across the lake towards the valley I just rode through & the pass -

Looking south towards Buena Vista the weather looked pretty foul -

That made my decision easy when I got to CO 24- turn north towards Leadville and then back to Denver via I70 and Loveland Pass. I stopped in Leadville and gassed up for the final leg home and then stopped near Copper Mountain for a few pics-

It was just beautiful  -

When I got close to Breckinridge (on I-70) a sign said that Loveland Pass was closed due to an accident so i just slabbed it back home.

Overall it was a great day, even with the amount of interstate that I rode. Total for the day was 380 miles.

Your Ride Reports / Quest for my Dream Bike
« on: May 26, 2014, 11:53:55 PM »
(October 2008)

I have always wanted a 1983 Honda CB1000 Custom.

So while searching Craigslist, I found one in Kansas City that looked well cared for and the price was right.

I jumped on a jet and headed for Kansas City -

The seller picked me up & we headed off to see the bike. It was in great shape, and came with-

- a set of soft Hondaline saddlebags
- some extra parts
- a Honda Service Manual-
- original tool kit and air pressure guage
- Maier windscreen

The bike was a 9 out of a 10.

After closing the deal, I got a local hotel room (it was late), removing the sidecovers and locking the bike up for the night-

My plan was to get up early and head south to Clarksville, Arkansas to meet some folks for the Fall Colors Tour, spend the night there, then ride to Woodward Oklahoma, hotel, and then ride to Denver on day 3.


So I woke at 5 am & checked the weather -

Good thing I brought all of my liners! I loaded up the bike and headed south. Here's the route -

I wanted to run some Seafoam through the fuel system and also adjust the handlebars (they were rotated too far back), so I stopped at Autozone at 9 am or so. I bought a set of allen head wrenches and a combination screwdriver to do the adjustments-

I've brought the bars forward some, but they still feel uncomfortable (wrists are bent at an acute angle)- I'll be modding/replacing these bars when I get home-

So I headed south again enjoying the perfect riding weather- 70 degrees an clear as a bell. I pulled up to the hotel in Clarksville and unloaded the bike-

I was planning on meeting up with some friends, but everyone was out riding. I got on the CB and thought I'd go explore for a bit, when up rides a group of riders led by JV.

So JV & I headed out (he knows the area very well) and rode some awesome twisties through the Ozarks.

We stopped at a lake and took some pics.

my CB1000C -

Can you tell that I'm a happy guy?

JV & his highly modified KLR650 -

We headed back to Clarksville and ran into the rest of the group who had just returned from their ride.

We went out and had a great dinner -


The next morning I awoke & went out to load up the bike and ran into some folks.

Then JV came out to say so long. That's me, JV, and Yard Dog -

I said my farewells and headed west. My planned route for the day -

It was cool morning with perfectly clear skies.

Entering Oklahoma-

By the time I reached Tulsa, the wind had picked up to a steady 20 mph out of the north, so riding westbound was by no means boring.

I stopped in Enid for coffee & a break -

West of Enid I came upon a series of long buttes -

I turned around and saw a common sight out here, a small roadside cemetery -

Getting closer to the buttes I see that there's a sign for a state park, so I pull in-

There are bunch of these ridges, and I stopped again to take some pics -

As I ride into Woodward, I see a car dealer with this beauty for sale -

I pull into a hotel & get a room -

After dinner and crash out for the evening.


Up early again and check the weather..... 24 degrees!  Well, I decide to wait a bit for it to warm up and review the route for today-

I leave at 830 am or so with the temp around 35 degrees.

My first stop is Fort Supply just outside of Woodward. Fort Supply was a US Calvary outpost in the late 1800s. When I get there, the museum area is still locked up, so I ride down the road and see the cemetery.

Now I'm not a fan of these places, but I thought I'd check it out-

Hmmm, I decided to look around -

Looks like the Terminator was here -

Some of the grave stones for the folks on the sign -

Ok, enough of that- I left there and stopped at a windfarm -

A Red Tailed Hawk was cruising the area -

Then I entered Kansas -

Stopped at an abandoned farm house for a stretch -

A bit farther north I stopped at the Big Basin Prairie reserve. There are Bison here (open range) so I eased into the preserve.

You can't really tell by this photo, but I'm stopped near the edge of a 200 foot bluff -

Over that hill I found a bison right near the edge of the road -

A close up -

Well, there was no way that I was going to push my luck with that fella, so I turned around and headed north to Dodge City, Kansas for lunch.

Right in the middle of town is a old steam locomotive, and I just had to check it out -

The data plate on the boiler -

Even has a cow-catcher installed -

Here's a pic I found of one of it's type in action -

So I had a quick lunch and headed out. There are lot's of cattle feed lots in the area, so I stopped at the top of a hill and took a pic of a VERY large one I came upon -

Farther west I saw a sign for ruts made by wagons along the Sante Fe Trail, so I stopped to check them out -

Some of the ruts you can still see -

The day continued to be windy and cold, and it got colder as I entered Colorado -

I was happy to get home and put the bike and myself to bed -

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