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General Motorcycle Discussion / First start after 15 years
« on: September 28, 2017, 01:44:42 AM »
My Snow White woke up after a 15 years sleep   yaaaah3

Your Honda Nighthawk / Hello from Austria
« on: September 04, 2017, 02:54:45 AM »
My name is Rüdiger and I come from the small country Austria. I´m living in Vienna.
Short time ago, a collegue of mine didn´t want his bike a Honda CB 750 Nighthawk (1991) any more and he asked me if I want to have it for free. It has not been startet the last 15 years and stood under a carport! I decided to look for it. Brakes do not work, tank full of rust, old tyres, battery k.o., chain k.o. but the engine has only 27.000 Miles on the speedo. This model was never built for the European market.
First of all is to get the rusty tank clean, then to clean the carburettor with ultrasonic and then first start.... we will see...  haphap
I will make a short video when I will start the engine for the first time after this Long time. If it runs quite well, then I will invest more money to get a beautiful Nighthawk.
Anyway I´m very astonished, that there ist nearly no rust on the Frame or the exhausts - very good old Honda Quality.
Beside this Nighthawk I own a Goldwing 1500, a Honda Transalp 600 and a Vespa PX 200 - all about 20-30 years old, so that I can do all main works on it.


P.S. I saw it now... mabye this post ist better in the "members news" area - Admin could you please transfer it to there?

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