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Your Honda Nighthawk / First time rider!
« on: August 31, 2017, 03:39:40 PM »

I'm a first time rider.  Just went through a safety class and bought my first motorcycle!  1991 cb750 nighthawk.  I've been riding it for about a week now.  So far I love it.  My mechanic buddy loves it too. Meaning I won't have to see him for any problems with this motor.  I have a little bit of work to do getting some body panels on.  Ordered some and am waiting for their arrival.  The mufflers were cut down.  It sounds pretty good so I'm thinking for now I'm going to leave them as is.  Just finished putting on some new signal lights in front and in back. New(used) headlight came today and I have that on now. 
I'm excited to be on two wheels finally.  A long time coming but here I am........Rollin'!! 

How do I post pictures?  The image button is just adding [img][img] to the post and I can't copy and paste any photos. 


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